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Jimin being cute :)

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Bitches who did make fun of Jimin or are thinking of doing next time you better be a ninjas because if I caught you I will break your fuckking necks right away.


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BTS Showcase Berlin 27th July 2014

Quick fan account. I got there at 3:45 pm my number was 353 early admission, while we were waiting the girl next me had an epilepsy seizure so we called the ambulance, one girl was crying. I was worried about her condition and I felt bad cause she was going to miss the chance to see BTS. :sad: We started to get in around 6:15 pm, so I went upstairs and there were the boxes so I pulled the letters and they were mixed ( agrrrrrr why didnt I check 1st? -.-) so I tried to be fast a put them on the right box. 
I went to the right side with my portuguese flag cause is JRJ’s side <3 <3 , one of the staff was handsome :smooch: but he was short.
When BTS went up I was shocked cause they were way shorter than they looked on the videos. They looked like tiny little dolls. IMO J-hope is the most handsome among them. He looked so good like I knew he was handsome but not like that :drool: :drool: They are skinny ( but not too much) except Jungkook and Jimin, they’re are medium size. The only difference btw Kookie and Jimin is the height so ppl should stop calling Jimin fat cause if he’s fat Kookie is fat too. >:(
They performed NMD, WBPT2, N.O, I like it, Haruman, the rise of Bangtan, Jump and Boy in Love (I dont remember more). They introduced themselves in english (I couldnt listen cause ppl were noisy), they made a game with 4 fans which they had to make a beat and then Suga, Rapmon and J-Hope would have to do a freestyle rap. Suga was good in beginning but then he failed, Rapmon rapped in english and J-hope hahahaha they changed to a faster tempo so he couldn’t rap hahaha it was funny. They did a quiz about Berlin Jin won and he gave to a fan an rose’s bucket and SLA signed. The host asked them what they knew or did in Berlin Jimin was so cute trying to explain that he tried to go to TV tower by himself but he got lost ( he was jumping to show how big is the building awwww cutie pie <3 <3 ) They answered some fan’s questions like if Kookie likes noonas and he said yes, what Suga eats in order to be handsome and he said your love (omg so cheesy :lol: ) J-hope was asked to do a cute and sexy dance ( when he did the sexy dance my panties wanted to get missing :lol: ) Rapmon did the shoulder’s dance OMGGGGGGGG his gorila dance in the rise of Bangtan killed me :lol: :lol: V and Jimin danced too but they were being dorks, Jin did a wave with his arms :lol: :lol: they were all cute and energetic. <3 <3

Ok I have to say this Suga his full of swag (I dont like to use this word hahah but he is) he was born to be on the stage. I was impressed with his stage presence but I was disappointed with him in the hi5. So I will post what I already posted on twiter that night but I edited with some stuff that I remember.

I just comeback from the showcase, it was awesome but the hi5 event was…I’m not going to lie I’m sad because of Suga and Rap Monster like I want to cry but I wont cause they dont deserve my tears. specially Rapmon who’s my ultimate. Hi5 event: they were lined up like this V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin (I dont have sure about Kookie and Jin cause a girl walked past in front of me so I’m confused) , Rap Monster, Jimin and J-Hope. So I went to V and I said you’re cute I love you ( dont judge me I froze I didnt have time to think, it was so fast T.T plus I only could think in portuguese) so he just smiled at me and we’re staring like a few secs cause I was waiting to him to say something but nothing (it was getting awkward), then was Suga. He was standing with his hands ready for the hi5 with a poker face, I said Sugalicious I love you cause I wanted to lift up he’s mood but he didnt react or anything he looked dead so I moved on cause it was THE MOST AWKWARD SHIT EVER and I think I spent 1 sec with him :sad: Then I think it was Jungkook I said you’re cute cause he’s fucking cute he smiled and said thank you then he bowed (his eyes are so dark, jin’s eyes too the eyeline tho…it was too much :lol: :lol: ), then it was Jin I think I said you’re handsome (please dont judge me T.T I didn’t know what to say) then was RAP MONSTER SO FUCKIN AWKWARD so when I finished with Jin I saw Rapmon’s side so I started to get nervous cause his my ultimate, he turned around ( I felt there was huge gap btw jin and Rapmon cause I had to walk a bit) while I was walking towards him he was already doing eye contact and smiling ( I almost had mental breakdown) I start to fangirling so hard cause HE’S BAE AND ULTIMATE BIAS T.T so I said you’re my favourite, you’re handsome I love you ( I think I said fast) he was similing all time I kinda lost my soul in his eyes (unconsciously I rested my hands on his hands, the other members I did a quick hi5 but Rapmon I kinda lost myself so I letf my hands) then we were staring a few secs he didnt say anything so I was going to move on cause Jimin already finished with a fan and was staring at me while smiling ( OMG SAHDAHDAHDKAHFAHKFDJ) then when I started to move Rapmon while struggling said “I see you’re covered…” I stopped moving and I said it’s the portuguese flag and I turned my back for him to see ( like what rapmon??? I dunno if he said that cause he had to say something or because he had a blank but WHY RAPMON YOU’RE BAE WTF??? I talked with other fans and they said Rapmon’ asked how was the show he said I love you back, thank you like WHY RAPMON WHY??? I TRAVEL SO FAR AWAY FOR THIS??? T.T T.T T.T T.T T.T T.T He could have say thank you T.T T.T T.T He’s so talkative what happen? T.T T.T Jimin was smiling all the time hahaha BABY <3 <3 <3 he wasnt with his hands in the air like the others he positioned them for a double handshake ( like a sandwich) I was suprised so I looked to his face and then I looked to his hands then I looked to his face and I fucking die with all the fuckin feels you could imagine like iwwdidasdaja babymin was so cute, his hands are warm and soft. I said OMG I love you OMG (I had a mental breakdown and he smiled even more (cause I was having an attack of feels and I leaned over) J-hope was watching my fangirling moment and he was smiling (I’m so embarassed :lol: :lol: ) then I went to J-HOPE and he freakin locked our hands right way so hard ( I WASN’T READY LIKE WHATTTTTTTTTTTT YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME) and I said I love you OMG OMG ( I was spazzing so much cause it was RJJ) he giggled. His smile kjdajdajks.aksak totaly worth it. MY BIAS GIGGLED CAUSE OF ME HAHAHAHAH HAPPY :) BABY BOO I almost hit my head on the table cause I leaned over so much because of the feels. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG JIMIN AND J-HOPE THANK YOU BABIES. YOUR SMILES ARE HEAVEN. J-HOPE GIGGLED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


I thought it would be short lol oh I almost forgot they’re short. Rapmon is the only one taller than me, Jimin and Suga are shorter than me ( Suga looked shorter than Jimin) V is so so, J-hope, Jin and Kookie pretty much we have the same height (inclunding insoles, if the tallest bitch uses the others will use too js) I’m 1,75 cm (5’9)

1 year, 3 eras, 5 music videos, 8 awards, 10 other nominations, 7 members, one group - Bangtan Boys.

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Y'all Listen


I flip my shit often of BTS. No so publicly but I do. But the reason why I am literally freaking out right now is because BTS’s special stages are ALWAYS AMAZBALLS. Seriously. Never have I seen such a genre defined group (meaning BTS is HipHop, that’s who they are, known for) pull off stages that…

WHAT are you doing




Deafblind Brazilian “watches” World Cup with the help of his friends - Video

THESE are real friends. Absolutely amazing.

Real friends right here

The realest 

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Support 11 Yr Old Torrence, Canadian Victim of Extreme Bullying & Racism




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Boy who is only black child in town uses separate washroom, under constant supervision while at school" - CBC News


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